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Swan Family Values

Mom walks into the living room Sunday morning
No. 3 son: Mom, are you hungry?
Mom: A little, do you want me to cook us some eggs?
No. 3: No, I ate.
No. 3: I just wanted to know if you were going to eat soon.
No. 3: Because I have something to tell you, but I don't want you to lose your appetite.
Mom: (a little worried): What is it honey?
No. 3: It's pretty disgusting.
Mom: nods
No 3: Did you know they use motor oil as an additive in tobacco cigarettes?!?!
No 3: And DDT?


I'm sure he's just been listening to health class or advertising but the list of additives does give one pause.


swaz Made a good little "women in punk" compilation CD, heavy on the X-Ray Spex and L7. We were blasting it in the car to and from Sudbury School Open House (where nos. 1 and 2 go to school) and a nature walk.

When "American Society" came on not only was I singing along, but so was swaz, and so was No. 1 son.

Don't wanna drown
Don't wanna be found
This is not my destiny
Oh yeah
No twentieth century casualty
Oh yeah

I don't wanna watch television
I don't wanna listen to the radio
I don't wanna drown in american society

Don't wanna be rich
Now can't you see the way they dress
They dress
Well they're a bloody tax mess
I don't wanna go to the movies
I don't wanna listen to the company
Don't wanna drown in american society

I'm proud of my boys. :-)


PS It's swaz's birthday today. Wish him a happy birthday!
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