Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

click the annecdote for the bwahahahaha

A commenteer in the sfgate cracked me up with this one today: "Years ago at a party, someone told me they'd pay me $50 if I'd let them crack 3 eggs over my head. Drunkenly, I accepted. He wrote the check, a woman neither of us knew held it, and he proceeded to crack 2 eggs over my head. He then tore up the check, laughed, and said that I agreed that I'd only be paid if he had cracked 3 eggs on my head. To this day I felt really stupid about falling for that trick...until I read about this guy!"

Edited to add

I am not the one who had an egg cracked on their head! I was quoting someone in the link (scroll down). :-P
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