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As soon as I finish building a house cleaning robot, I'm starting on one of these:

I taped a sticky note with my son's dentist appointment onto my Nalgene bottle so I wouldn't lose it. I thought I was very clever. Swaz is like, "yeah, a combination PDA and water bottle, makes sense." But wait, I actually think it does ... why not use something like a neoprene water bottle cover instead of the regular metal and plastic casing on a all-in-one type of device? That's right - you'd just hold your water bottle up to your ear and chat away. Hell, attach a pair of ear phones and make it an mp3 player as well. If you put a little pocket in for your keys and money, you'd only have one thing in your life to lose/break.

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Bonus: you could use it as a flask in a night club - I mean the door man couldn't take away your phone could he?
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