Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Redd Foxx Was a Manly Man

minusbaby: ahaa my grandmother watches Sanford & Son , I love that
minusbaby: She doesn't even speak English - Redd Foxx's vibe is so strong that he jumps language barriers
JetteSwan: he was a MANLY MAN
JetteSwan: yes he was!
minusbaby: hahaa Y E S
minusbaby: I like it when he throws punches into the air
JetteSwan: hahahaha
JetteSwan: damn, i must be horny today
JetteSwan: i never thought about how sexay redd foxx was
JetteSwan: and now i am
minusbaby: hahaa oh no
minusbaby: I want to try ripple
minusbaby: He mixed it with cream one day
minusbaby: He called it CRIPPLE
minusbaby: hahahaaa
JetteSwan: hahahahahhaha
minusbaby: and another time he mixed it with champagne - he called it CHAMPIPPLE
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