Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

There should actually be quite a market for them.

Ian: Hey I haven't seen you in a while
Jette: hey
Ian: how's it going jj?
Jette: awe it's okay
Jette: i have been feeling like
Jette: a social retard lately
Jette: there's been a half dozen instances in past month or so
Jette: that have probably left people thinking
Jette: thinking i am either an asshat or worse
Jette: i don't know
Jette: it's like i can't stop putting my foot in my mouth!
Jette: <--walking faux pas
Ian: you should start wearing chocolate shoes
Jette: ?!
Ian: so when you put your foot in your mouth
Ian: you are left with a pleasing taste
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