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I have a new gym, in addition to the YMCA. I joined up at the brand new* glossy JCC, because it's right across the street from my office (I can see it from my window), even though I pay almost as much for my single membership there as for my family membership at the Y, despite my charter-member AND UCSF neighborhood discouts.

When I got there today, I could see why it was so expensive. Now, I've always been a YMCA person, I'd never really used a chichi health club before. It had like, all these nice wood lockers with free locks. A beautiful pool, sauna, a million cardio machines with little televisions attached, etc. etc. It's really nice compared to the Y, which is down home and a little funky (in the smelly way).

So I have my cute new mp3 player** in my ears, I'm listening to house music, I'm watching basketball on the little t.v., I'm on the Precor, and it's all good when I suddenly hyperextend my lower leg and seriously pull a muscle in my calf. I went from "wow, this looks good, this feels good, this is fun" to "Ow! That really sucks!" in a fraction of a second. There's some kind of metaphor there, but I'm not sure what yet.

Update: Damn, that really hurt! I can barely move, I had to haul the crutches left over from Swaz's 'scopes out of back of the closet.

*I've been watching them build this thing for the past two and a half years from my desk.

**Swaz gave me an iaudio mp3 player for Christmas. It weighs an ounce and a half including battery. It's also a radio AND voice recorder. It is so cool that it needs its own post later
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