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For Valentine's Day, I got some pink heart shaped wire/tinsel garlands (they're cute) and now my cube looks festive. I am going to decorate my cube every holiday. Like some demented cat-lady type. A perk of being middle aged - I don't really give a shit anymore. I am gonna get as eccentric as I want to be - at least when it comes to decorating my cube.

Today I am taking down the anti-consumer culture poster I got from a copy of Adbusters and putting up a poster from the latest Adidas campaign that I got from a copy of Sports Illustrated. I don't know what that says about me, and I don't care. Those Adbusters are a bunch of effing wankers anyway. And it has Muhammad Ali on it.

I wish I could show you all my pretty office space, but I haven't bought a camera yet.

Poll #244913 camera obscura

I want a digital camera now.

You should really go look at them in person and then decide.
You should just order the Canon S400 - everyone who has one loves theirs.
You should really buy a (_____) instead. I will leave a comment.
You should wait six months, cause something better will come out.
Just take polaroids and scan them. :-P
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