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Bullet Update

Felt a little down, a little insecure, a few days last week, I think it was the weather.

So minusbaby spent 30 minutes on AIM with me, direct connecting me funny pictures at a rapid-fire rate until I cheered up.

Had a serious migraine Saturday.

Nothing that mass amounts of soma, sushi, and sake couldn't cure.

And a really nice compliment.

Tina is going away.

But she'll be back! And it was a good excuse for a party. It was nice to see so many people that I usually only get to talk to on LJ or messenger.

Me in heels + Miki NOT in heels = me feeling really tall!

I had a stomach ache all day yesterday, and got nothing done and felt mopey. (Hrm, maybe sushi, sake and soma not the best combination?)

But the sun has just come out... and I feel lots better.

And how are you doing?

PS nshgrl, have you seen page 37 of the March Mad Magazine?
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