Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here


Since "Administrative Professionals Day" is coming up, I feel the need to rant.

I was an English major from a State school who graduated in the middle of a recession. In response, since I do like to eat and sleep indoors, I temped in a series of clerical positions and found my way to a "right livelihood" through that route.

I am usually given some kind of lunch on "Administrative Professional's Day." This chafes me for several reasons. First, they really mean "secretary's day" but think it's more PC to give it a "professional" euphemism. As if there is something wrong with being a secretary. There was nothing "wrong" with it when only men worked in offices... Second, I'm an analyst, not a secretary, but since "administrative" is in my title, I'm lumped in with secretaries. Third, I am NOT a professional - in that I do not work in a competitive, peer reviewed field (thanks to commonreader for succinct definition). ( Although I do have my own white board, so I can play a professional on TV.) And last that not least, the lunch is just another way of reminding me that no matter how hard I work or how much I am paid, any job that needs a lunch once a year as a consolation prize will never be taken seriously.

Sigh. Back to your lives, citizens.
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