Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Saturday Night

(Well, a couple of Saturdays ago by this point.)

fei_hong and minusbaby came up to my hotel room. It was hot. Blurry Waist-cam™ shot:

Then we went walking to Chinatown, so I could compare my two Chinatowns with Manhattan's one. Theirs seems bigger than either one of ours. But not as hilly.

We got creamily delicious food:

And then we hit the arcade:

Which was pretty fun since both Rich and Jay went there as kids, and remembered all their favorite games.

This guy is a scumbag.

Then we got ice cream, and started walking towards the radio station where Jay's had a show for some years on Saturday nights.

The evening light was gorgeous , it was fantastic to just be out walking and talking and full of ice cream.

I kept trying and failing to catch Jay in action - he was moving around dancing and bouncing the whole time. The guys behind him are very cool - one of them had the coolest hat ever, and the other introduced me to a whole new taste sensation.


Stayed tuned for the final installment.
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