Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Whoring After Strange Gods

jette: I sometimes feel weird about chanting in yoga class
jette: i mean invoking other religion's deities
jette: Is that quite a right thing to do?
jette: What would CS Lewis do?

commonreader: dunno
commonreader: have a beer

jette: He'd just do calisthenics and go to church.

commonreader: How funny, I just finished reading that part of Deuteronomy.
commonreader: I am supposed to stone you now.
commonreader: Come on over.
commonreader: Hang on, maybe I don't have enough rocks.
commonreader: Pick up some rocks on your way here k?
commonreader: I'll put down garbage bags. We have enough bloodstains on the floor.

jette: okay
jette: why am I getting stoned again?

commonreader: whoring after strange gods

jette: hahaha that's right
jette: this is what I am talking about actually
jette: I mean, I don't feel quite right about it.
jette: Like THOSE gods belong to THEM over there.
jette: I feel like I am glomming unto some else's gods!
jette: Honestly, this is a real problem that I have!

commonreader: then don't chant

jette: Maybe I won't next time.
jette: It felt all nice, cause of how nice it is to chant with people reasons.
jette: When I do it within Western Esoteric Tradition it seems good for me.
jette: Because I am Western.
jette: But Indian Gods?
jette: When I don't know exactly what I'm saying?
jette: It feels creepy.

commonreader: I think your problem isn't cultural appropriation, actaully, it's a healthy fear of becoming a hippie

jette: you think?

commonreader: well, you can't be Indian.
commonreader: so if you use Indian god forms
commonreader: you are a white person using Indian god forms
commonreader: which is
commonreader: a hippie

jette: I happen to think that these dieties are all available in Western symbolism
jette: which feels more appropriate to me as a Western Person

commonreader: who is not a hippie

jette: Here's the deal, too.
jette: Before class - everyone was seated against the wall
jette: and if two people scooched in opposite directions,
jette: there'd have been enough space for me to sit down as well
jette: the girl scooched
jette: the boy was too busy reading his "how to be at one with others the hippie way by using Indian dieties" book to be bothered

commonreader: HAHAHA
commonreader: well that's what happens to people who whore after strange gods
commonreader: the Lord smites them with lamitude
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