Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here


Sometimes I think about the olden days, say, before 1985 or so, and remember that people used to drink during the day, the work day, with immpunity, and it wasn't a thing to stop off and have a beer on your way somewhere. This sounds crazy until you think about how back then, the volume of the average beverage serving was so much smaller. A beer at a bar was seven ounces, a bottle of coca-cola was six instead of twenty. A martini didn't have 3 ounces of gin or vodka - it had half that. I remember a coffee cup was less than eight ounces - now they're at least twelve, and that's the "small." Oh, and no one ever carried a liter of water everywhere they went, a glass here, a sip from the fountain there, and you were good.

When did we become such a nation of guzzlers and gulpers?
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