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I fixed it all by myself.

I finally got our computer to go online, but it still looks superbroken because the video card is almost completely shot.

I'm going to try to figure out what I want to do about that - it's turned into a little quest for me to see how well I can make this time-warped machine* work.

I wrote something the other day about wanting help but now I think I don't want any help. Because I have hardly any background or knowledge about such things, it's like a puzzle or a game of solitaire now. Since it's trashed anyway it's not like I have anything to lose, especially since my lappy ships Friday.

It's fun.

Update: It's not that fixed considering the display is so bad as to render text almost completely unreadable, but it's still fun to try. ;-)

* Mattholland and Scott actually pointed and laughed at me when they first saw it.
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