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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
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Seriously, come at me new terms of service.

3rd-Jul-2009 11:52 pm - Rip Van Winkle's Movie Review
Say my name.

Papillion one of the longest, meanderingest, and goriest movies I'd seen in a while.

The book, however, has been described as a fairly interesting instruction for survival. It was in the bookcase when I was growing up but looked to dry (masculine) for me at the time.

Bonus: reading up on the book led me to learning more than I ever wanted about how to stick useful things up your butt.
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The 80/20 rule (Pareto principle). The principle of least effort. The path of least resistance.

These ideas have been used as rules of thumb to describe how people live their lives. Is it true that you can reach 80% of any given goal by giving just 20% of the effort you would need to reach 100%? Is 80% enough? More than enough? Or as good as nothing?

Discuss amongst yourselves, I have to get to work.
16th-Jun-2009 09:37 pm - *watches tumbleweeds blow by*
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Remember when Live Journal was this special magical place full of friends and laughter? Me neither.
7th-Jun-2009 10:50 pm - Rip Van Winkle's Movie Review
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We watched Transformers movie. Despite the plot being so incredibly holey that I could barely follow it, I liked it a lot. I especially liked all the tongue in cheek title and tag line drops and references to classic movies of the genre - like the scene with Sam being chased by Bumblebee while on the pink bike with the basket - lovely inversion of the bicycle scene in E.T..

Of course, I'm old enough to remember the original series and they were still showing the reruns and selling the toys when Izaac was small. We had tons of the toys, so it was quite nostalgic.

I really miss Bernie Mac.
30th-May-2009 11:54 pm - Rip Van Winkle's Movie Review
Say my name.
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.

Have I ever mentioned my little thing for Walter Matthau?

Entertaining in a way that was completely dependent on the time and place depicted. I can't imagine the re-make being any good at all.
17th-May-2009 10:44 pm - Things I would like to do someday.
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- Have a cat named Professor Pantalones or PePe for short.
- Find something I'm good at to compete in, because I'm really competitive and need to channel it somewhere and also then I will be able to have an outlet for my need to compare myself to other people.
- I am not really into traveling but I would like to see Machu Pichu and also go to New Zealand and/or Australia.
-Get the Powerthirst video out of my head.
13th-Apr-2009 10:49 pm - Lately...
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I have been taking a perverse pleasure in doing all my silly quizzes on facebook. Because facebook is lame.
4th-Apr-2009 11:13 pm - Rip Van Winkle's Movie Review
Say my name.

"Count to ten first. Improves your aim."

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break, one of my childhood favorites. It occurred to me on the re-watching that this nonsensical, nonlinear bit of hilarious fluff is the ancestor of many of wacky sixties movie. There was even a gorilla.

21st-Mar-2009 10:14 pm - Rip Van Winkle's Movie Review
Say my name.

Red Planet. I can't even remember putting it my netflix queue, but I'm sure I thought it had something to do with the Heinlein book. It didn't.

It was pretty dull but mercifully short, and hey, there were explosions. I really like movies with explosions.
12th-Mar-2009 10:51 pm - Haiku for Live Journal
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Haiku2 for jette
post on twitter more
and more and more and more and
more and more and more
Created by Grahame
27th-Feb-2009 01:53 pm - Does anyone remember this post?
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Not too long ago I made a post about what is lost when living in boom times.

I wonder if in the current economy, people will once again learn the art of reusing a tea bag. Or at least, something like a high-quality, "good" leather handbag (to use just one example from my own life) once again becomes something to aspire to when you're growing up, instead of an everyday throw-it-out-next-season item. I am hopeful that in the end, we might have a more stable society, but unfortunately I think we just always refuse to learn, and boom-bust-boom-bust is just the way it goes.
20th-Feb-2009 08:59 pm - Saturday Poll Time
Say my name.

Everytime I see or hear Hugh Jackman's name, I think Huge Assman.


UPDATE, very appropriate meme minute:

What were their parents thinking?
I voted for Hugh Jassman in the world's most unfortunate name pollI voted for Hugh Jassman in the world's most unfortunate name poll.

Go to IsThisYour.Name to cast your vote. Do it for the kids.

25th-Jan-2009 09:26 pm - Three things I saw on our walk today.
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There were a bunch of these bits/odds/ends of sod from the golf course along the road. It seemed really wasteful to me, but maybe there's a reason it's not viable to stick them all together like pie crust. I was very tempted to bring a few home and... we don't have a yard. Or a lawn. So I left it there. Maybe it could have gone in the hole in the sidewalk where the sycamore grows out front, where people litter and leave dog poop.

They have removed the modern wings to the old public health hospital.

First blossoms of spring!
21st-Jan-2009 09:05 pm - It has a rick roll and everything.
lol heart
can_i_eat_this reminded me of the good old days of live journal.


Hey moonchyld1, remember when you and Adam and Heather used to go to random journals and stage a flame war in their comment pages? Hahaha, good times.
13th-Jan-2009 08:31 am - This is awesome
Say my name.
From beatonna

I am just jealous though. I always look like ass on the facebook tags. WHY OH WHY CAN'T I FIND MY PARTY PICTURE FACE? Everytime I try to make one, I usually end up looking like I've had a stroke.
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13th-Dec-2008 05:01 pm - This picture makes me so happy.
Say my name.
28th-Nov-2008 11:20 pm - Rip Van Winkle's Movie Review.
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The Bourne Identity made me want to fuck Matt Damon.

27th-Nov-2008 09:50 am - <3
Thanks for the Thanksgiving greeting stilllove. I actually laughed out loud. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!
4th-Nov-2008 09:02 am - 11/4/08
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Good morning ladies and gentlemen...
Good morning ladies and gents!
Are you ready to vote?
Are you ready to vote?

Would you like to be a voter with me?
Would you like to be a voter with me?
Would you like to be a voter with me?

2nd-Nov-2008 11:34 pm - poll minute
Say my name.

True or false: the salad fork is the red-haired stepchild of the cultery drawer.

Yeah, what's that little stumpy one for, anyway?
I like the little fork!

Do you regularly use the butter spreader?

Yes! To put butter on my plate!
Uhm, heh heh, that sounds dirty.

As long as we're talking about butter...

I keep my butter in the butter keeper so it stays soft and spreads all nice on my toast.
People who don't keep the butter in the refrigerator are disgusting.
1st-Nov-2008 09:52 am - Things I like.
Say my name.

The typefaces of the seventies. Something about those bold roundy letters remind me of the good moments of my childhood. Ingramma light is awesome.
31st-Oct-2008 10:26 pm - Saturday Poll Time.
Say my name.
To be clear: this means giant deadly bug monsters live outside your door. They have killed people you know and love, you have to fight them every day, you can't just go outside without a weapon. On the other hand, no one has ever stuck a baby in the microwave on this earth.

Which earth would you rather live on?

Everyone is full of integrity. All governments are minarchies and there is no corruption. No war, little crime, no terrorism, no injustices. However, giant deadly bug monsters roam the earth.
The earth we have.

Edited to add: Maybe I made this too easy. Let's add EXTREME WEATHER to the bugs.

It is important to know, however, that while there is always an element of surprise in both the bug attacks and bugs and the weather, there is also an element of fairness in that there are good storm shelters everywhere and that the bugs are always able to be killed in a fair fight, and that no one is exempt from bug-fighting. Neither the rich nor the virtuous can guarantee that they will not be attacked by a bug when they least expect it.
Say my name.
I impulsively bought myself All About Braising by Molly Stevens a few weeks back.

I haven't used it yet because it's too beautiful and new to bring into my kitchen. *sigh*

I think I might use the porter-and-maple glazed rib recipe on the chicken thighs, with some adjustments. Either that or chicken and dumplings. It's nice and foggy and cozy at my house right now.

Update: Braising will have to wait for another day. I'm baking them with herbs, salt, balsamic vinegar, pureed garlic, onions, and honey. My poor cookbook is still a virgin. :-(
21st-Oct-2008 01:18 pm - 10/21/08
Say my name.

21st-Oct-2008 01:17 pm - 10/21/08
Say my name.

18th-Oct-2008 09:24 am - Saturday Poll Time
Say my name.

How are you going through life?

Fat, drunk and stupid.
Fat, dumb and happy.
Lean, mean, lazy and fine.
Healthy, wealthy and wise.
16th-Oct-2008 07:39 am - If everyone jumped off a cliff...
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jette (explaining that she tends to talk and post on twitter more and more and LJ and texting less and less because other people are): Twitter's, like, the thing now.

swaz: When you die, I'm going to have your tombstone read, "death is the thing now."
12th-Oct-2008 10:15 pm - 10/12/08
Say my name.

Canal to nowhere.
12th-Oct-2008 11:55 am - 10/12/08
Say my name.

Flying over Yosemite.
12th-Oct-2008 11:53 am - 8/27/08
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Sign at the SF VA.
12th-Oct-2008 11:53 am - 8/16/08
Say my name.

On one of my kid's classroom's white boards when I was doing start of school clean up a couple of months ago. Welcome to SFUSD.
10th-Oct-2008 08:08 am - An appropriate ear worm for a Friday
Jette Hates!

In other news, if you don't include loved ones that I am related to by blood or ceremony, I can count the number of people I truly give a fuck about anymore on one hand, and I'm working on being able to count them on my thumbs. I feel so much freer now.
Say my name.
Other people read celebrity gossip sites, I like to read real estate blogs.

Much like movie stars, real estate can be unintentionally hilarious:

Keeping it Realtor - a survey of those real estate ads on bus benches

Lovely Listing, showing you the worst in real estate photography
6th-Oct-2008 10:12 pm - gah
Say my name.

Twitter is down. :-(
5th-Oct-2008 10:02 am - More Forer effect.
Say my name.
Horoscope for today:

Seriousness is a choice. Things have exactly the weight and importance you assign to them. If you're not sure what credence to give the statements you hear it's best to err on the side of levity.

I think this should be the horoscope for everyone who is ever on the internet.
3rd-Oct-2008 11:05 pm - things that make you go hmm.
Say my name.
They canceled "Clear Blue Water?" An actually funny and heartwarming strip about famliy life gets canceled but the warmed over strips of the bland suburban Canadian family is the song that never ends? Bleh.
3rd-Oct-2008 07:44 pm - till the end.. of time
Say my name.

I've been thinking about friendship for a long time, about how important it is to me, and how seriously I take it... I guess I'm just a fool for love.

buz put defining what I mean by real friendship better than I ever could.

I have lots of party friends who I love and adore, but the really true friends in my life are like gold, and not just because they are few and far between. /sappy

In my case, I get to sleep with my bff, so yeah, I'm a lucky girl! /double gross sappiness with extra corn in it.

1st-Oct-2008 10:29 pm - More Forer effect.
Say my name.
My horoscope says that I need to make sure that everyone has fun tomorrow.
Say my name.

Tangentially, I think Keith Olbermann is one of the sexiest motherfuckers on this planet.
Say my name.
I need a new smart phone and I pretty much ONLY use my phone for web and texting. I did happily use my Treo for listening to streaming audio before the audio jack broke a minute after the hardware warranty ended. Being able to hear what people say when I do actually use it as a phone would be pretty damned sweet and a novelty after my Palm.

ALSO: I will probably drop this thing at least once a week or so, so keep that in mind with your suggestions. ;-)

Poll #1265847 they don't actually make you smart

Which one do I want?

Palm Centro
Some other palm
Crackberry (I will tell you which one)
Google Phone/Android
What's that thing from Sprint? The Touch?
Pink sidekick with crystals all over it like it's 2005 and you're Paris Hilton
Something else and I will tell you what!

Things I liked about my Palm 700p: cheap and kind of fast data plan, being able to make it into a modem. That's pretty much it. I'd like to keep those two things.. my data plan is like 15 a month, unlimited, right now.
15th-Sep-2008 11:25 pm - Welcome to my earworms. pt 2
Say my name.

When I first heard this, I thought it was too cornball for me. But now, I can't stop listening to it. It's a pretty good statement of my last couple of weeks, as well.
Say my name.

swaz says Chillits is always just too short for how much effort gets put into it. I know I'm not really ready to be back - it always takes me at least 36 hours to calm down enough to be there. As usual, I was intermittently hating it was almost time to go... then I didn't want to leave. I need to figure out how to turbo charge my chill next year so it doesn't feel so Sisyphean.

Just have to get on Thursday set up or at least Sunday clean up crew, I guess. No. 2 son was a bit bored/angsty about wasting time hanging out at Camp and Sons this year, don't know if he'll be back. No. 3 son, however, LOVES it. Honestly we probably wouldn't go every year if I didn't fear disappointing him too badly.
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