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She kept her face 'serious' while performing her hand dancing

This is the band that drove me to drink last night because they were so bad.

If I ever see atakra in real life, I'm going to slug him.

[20:13] minusbaby: What's hand dancing?
[20:14] Jette Swan: like she was doing some marcel marceu thing
[20:14] minusbaby: FUckin' up
[20:15] Jette Swan: it was so bad!
[20:15] minusbaby: Did you lol?
[20:16] Jette Swan: yes
[20:16] Jette Swan: i did lol
[20:16] Jette Swan: and got dirty looks for lolling
[20:16] minusbaby: haha
[20:16] minusbaby: Goth people don't lol, Jette.
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