Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

wanna change my name, my hair, my face

I have become fascinated with before and after plastic surgery pictures lately, particularly the ones where it's rather plain person who did not go for a full face lift or lots of implants trying to look 20 years younger or 10 points foxier, but who just made one or two minor tweaks, happy to be average. I make up little stories about why they decided to fix their ears or scoop out a double chin. Perhaps there was a broken heart or perhaps they just wanted to see themeselves a bit differently. I wonder if they were happier, more confident afterwards, more capable of getting the girl or the promotion.

Here is one who looks like he was very happy with the results.

Just that one session of lipo made her look 10 years younger, but still appropriate to her generation and without a scary "plastic surgery face."
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