Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

What I Did on My Summer Vacation Pt. 1 "Red Hot and Blue"

Thursday, July 4, 2002

I do my laundry and write in my lj. K and C and Kid A come over to eat dinner and watch fireworks. K. lends me Angela Carter for our trip to Camp Mather, I pack myself a binder from work and Gravity's Rainbow which I need to finish. I also buy a bunch of magazines - Flaunt, Vogue, Cosmo, Face, Urb, Signal to Noise, Bitch, XLR8R. I don't usually buy the music/lifestyle magazines, except maybe Flaunt, which I like for the covers. I just don't have time, and my bathroom is already overflowing with J.Crew catalogs, Cosmo, and Maxim. (No, the Maxim is mine, not swaz's - but I only buy it for the pictures of the pretty girls, not just for the articles or anything.) People talk about URB like it's the Face of its generation*. Migs is on the cover. He's supposed to be soooo cute, but I don't see it. Yeah, he has pretty eyes, but his hair is in a lame dude bob and he has that silly facial hair configuration. Maybe he has a good personality? I like to hear him, but his look? eh. Inside URB, it states that Cabaret Voltaire was the first industrial band. Hunh. Blondy's erstwhile godfather would be amused to hear it.** I decide that much like Face, people buy URB just to laugh at it.

The fireworks are spectacular, on the way back up to the truck, I am so exuberant that I lean in to give K. a kiss and completely knock my lips into her teeth. I have a lovely swollen upper lip for the next few days.

*Way back when, Face was a must-read for anyone who wanted to be cool. Sample conversation: "I see you've been reading the bible" "Hunh?" "You painted your eyebrows just like on page 43 of this month's Face."

**swaz thought that maybe they just meant "danceable industrial music." I thought United was pretty dancable, but even then - what about Clock DVA? I didn't have time to look it up at the time. I looked it up just now, didn't realize that Cab Voltaire came out with their first release in 1974, while Clock DVA was in '79. Yes, TG didn't have releases until '76, but Coum Transmissions was going on in '73. At any rate, everyone knows the term "Industrial" was coined for Throbbing Gristle, so I don't think anyone else could be "first." But then again,I never really thought of Cabaret Voltaire as "industrial" at all. However, trying to sort it out now 30 years later seems like an incredible waste of time.
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