Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

What I Did on My Summer Vacation Pt. 8 "The Healing Powers of the Earth"

Thursday, July 11, 2002

Today we decide to go to Lake Tenaya for the day. It's an hour long drive from camp. It's nice to be in the air-conditioned pick'em up truck, the view on the way is spectacular. On the way we stop and scramble up a boulder, I am instantly happier than happy that I bought some Adidas Traxion trail running shoes* before I left. I can't shut up about how happy my feet are in these things, the traction is so super, yet the shoes are so darned flexible, I am up and over boulders like I am walking across my living room floor. Greeny starts snapping pix of my shoes (to be uploaded later to share with sneaker_pimps) and tells me he will make me an icon for me out of them. (Coming soon.) (Now how loving of a son is that? "I'll make ya an icon, mom!") Every thing we see is beautiful, the kids are happy, Swaz is happy, I love everybody today. Lake Tenaya is over 8,000 feet up and it's 30 degrees cooler there. There are sheer cliffs all around. It seems as if it should be unspoiled, yet since it is right by the road, tons of picnickers have left a plethora of kipple. I think about the new LJ community I consider starting microtrash. No, it's not about minimalist electro (you can talk about that in aging_hipster) but rather about all the little tiny pieces of stuff that people have left in even the most uncharted territories of earth: the cellophane on the drink box straw, cigarette butts, and my personal favorite: used band-aids. The subtitle for my group would be "Get your band aid off the side of the mountain." I think about the flip side: have we truly tamed our environment? We've left our mark everywhere – there's a ton of garbage on Mt. Everest. Is it just esthetics or spiritual beliefs that make trash in nature a bad thing? What is the true environmental impact of the gum wrapper? Is there a sense of completion as a species that we have gum wrappers in the Gobi? It starts to rain. We are so cooled down that we almost don't go swimming – that water is cold. I see a matronly looking blonde swimming in the water. Well! I think if another middle aged woman can do it, I hop right in. I chat with her a bit, she's from England, the water is warm to her. Brrrrr. Still, once we get going, we don't want to come out. A deep sense of peace flows right through me.

That night, Greeny is in the camp talent show, telling jokes. He does pretty well. Everyone turns out for the camp talent show, it's like that heartwarming Christmas Pageant scene in The Shipping News. I reflect upon how the campers have truly become a little community. I wonder if we were cut off from civilization in some science fiction-y scenario, a bomb or natural disaster prevents us all from going home, how we would organize ourselves. Would the slightly corrupt Lesbian camp manager become our mayor? Or would the most alpha male there (that would be my hubby) just take on over? Hehe. I can't imagine some of these city softies taking down a bear and grilling it.

*I'll put up some better links and the pix later, I am writing this on a dial-up modem at the in-laws. I feel like I am trying to swim in taffy.
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