Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

What I Did on My Summer Vacation Pt. 9 "Rode Hard and Set Wet"

Friday, July 12, 2002

This is our last full day at Camp Mather. After a well-deserved breakfast (pancakes, bacon, fruit, cream of wheat) The kids run off to play and Honey (swaz) and I chill a bit in the cabin and then go down to the lake. I don't want to ever leave, so when it comes time for lunch (taco day) I make (err, ask VERY nicely) Swaz bring me a peanut butter sandwich. After a while, it is time for Greeny and I to go on our horseback riding tour. Bounceabounceabouncea this is big huge good time. Then more swimming, very distinctly for the last time because after dinner it's THE BIG LAST NIGHT DANCE.

As I walk from to the cabin after my shower, I notice how happy everyone seems now after they've wound down. Huge smiles and giggling ping pong players everywhere. Even the other moms seem happy.*

It's dance night. All the thirteen year old girls are primped to pieces. Nail polish, lipstick. First comes salsa dancing, then the kids dance, then the family dance, and then the "teen" dance. At some point, I manage to get Cutey and Blondy in bed so that I can dance at the teen dance. (Everyone goes to the teen dance, even though it is supposed to just be for teenagers.) They play "baby's got back" and some slow jams and some other typical Wild 94.7 type fare) Even since last year, it seems like the kids are better dancers then they used to be. Am I happier, or are these kids just more exposed to dance culture than they used to be? One of the dads we went to early intake with starts busting some serious moves. He and me and the kids and Swaz break it on down, but hard. Later, Swaz and I drift away, because Greeny is on the dance floor, and is actually talking to a female. I lie down on the basketball court (where earlier the over 35's beat the asses off the under 35 team, go tall Swaz) and watch the stars spin around... wine, altitude, happiness... it's a blissful, spinny moment.

*Even the trim, highlighted, trophy mom in the demure yet flattering bikini who looks like a parody of the perfect wife and mother is grinning.
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