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Blog Against Racism Week

It's blog against racism week, and I was going to write about some things I learned at while working at Jelani House, about how being Other is an experience that I thought I knew about (intellectually, vicariously, comparatively) but had no idea about until I lived it, and how then and only then did I understand what all this "privilege" people were going on about meant. But that doesn't really tell anyone anything useful aside from maybe some of you can pat me on the head and tell me I am learning.

Instead, I think I'll write a little helpful list of things that, believe it or not, are NOT Just Exactly Like being black or brown for the benefit of my fellow white people:
  • Being fat.
  • Being queer.
  • Being poor.
  • Being Irish.
  • Being a woman.
  • Being a parent/being childfree.
  • Being physically/mentally/emotionally disabled/deaf/having agoraphobia/allergies/chemical sensitivity.
  • Being a goth/punk/raver/rivethead/preppie/emokid.
  • Being into hiphop.
  • Being a non-Christian.
  • Being transgender.
  • Being intersexed.
  • Being an academic into identity politics.
  • Being well-meaning about any of this.

Comments disabled because these are just facts and not up for debate. Let me clarify, because I was asked, that I'm not saying that racism trumps every other bad human trait - that's missing the point entirely. I'm saying that wherever you place in the Opression Olympics, it still doesn't make you something you're not.

If you're truly interested in this issue, click around lj this week - a few people on my friends list have some good posts, you can start there.
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