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In other news...

I went to the SRL show last night. It was fun. I got in some quality mattholland time and there were loud noises and fires and the tesla coil, which I could not stop staring at, as I have seen them before of course but had never been that very close to one for so long. I loved the ozone smell and the gasoline smell and the fire smell. And I just love LOUD BANGING NOISES in general. It was quite a treat for the senses. To cap it off, we were close to the flight path of the airport, so airplanes going overhead were a little bonus. Someone called SRL shows a hipster/swinger truck rally and I think that's about right. There seemed to be some attempt to make a ballet-like narrative performance with the robots, but I think a lot of people agreed that this was just distracting. I should have brought a camera.

Thanks buz and unwoman for the ride and spending time with me and thanks to mattholland for introducing me to Aaron and Aaron, nice young gentlemen who very kindly drove me home from San Jose.

Matt, I still owe you for the ticket, will you be at Sunset tomorrow?
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