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oooh I feel it

Love has found the time to kiss you
Can you find the time to listen
Life found the time to bug you
Can you find the time for blessing.


I love autumn. Someone posted something to a mailing list I saw about the equinox being the perfect balance before the decay and corruption of fall/winter but I think that it's not decay and corruption, I think it's harvest and respite.

Especially in my neck of the woods, where autumn is when it stops looking like this and starts looking like this:


Also, three nights, three crazy birthday parties. Here's some pictures. There was even a birthday cake for someone in the office today. IT WAS REALLY GOOD CAKE. With lots of CAKE in it! You know how sometimes it's too much frosting and not enough cake? This was a cakey yet rich and moist chocolate cake. It put me in the best mood.


Who is going to Green Velvet at the Come-Unity 15 year this Friday? Anybody? Cause, uhm I think that sounds like fun unless there's something I don't know about how he is when he plays. I don't particularly like the 1015 though.
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