Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Stop the presses?

Wow, I feel like it's possible that I'm starting to lose the neurotic need to document every single thing that happens to me. It's just too time consuming and distracting to be all word and image all the time.


The camera shy among my friends will be happy, I suppose.


I really enjoy running across acquaintances on the lj or myspace or what have you and seeing them use a picture I took for their icon or profile. I know I am pretty crappy at taking pics but sometimes I get a cute one of somebody and it's nice to have galleries for reminiscing later. So I won't be stopping all together.


I really did want to take a picture of Steve's dim sum placed in naughty configurations today, but I didn't have my camera.


Of course I realize that "I'm getting tired of Live Journal" is just another step in the Elizabeth Kubler Rossian stages of LJing:

  1. "Wow, would people read this? I don't know what to say. doot. doot."
  2. "Here's my life story in excruciating detail."
  3. "OMG people can read this?"
  4. *emo delete*
  5. *undelete*
  6. "meme. meme. meme" (OR "I hate memes.")
  7. PICS
  8. "No one on the internet is as smart as me I think I will get in a flame war"
  9. *emo delete number 2*
  10. *undelete*
  11. "lulz lulz lulz"
  12. *snooooze*

There's more but I can't think of them now. No, it's not a meme, it's an observation.


The really impactful* things in my life don't get discussed much at all online. Even in person I find it difficult. I found myself actually stuttering when asked about my job today. And if you ask me about my kids, I either clam up or babble.

You Are 0% Open

You are not a very open person. For you, privacy is very important.

And while you do have friends, even your friends don't know you well.

Try to open up a little more. It's amazing how much better relationships are when the other person understands you.

note: not actual quiz result. I didn't feel like posting my actual score

swaz sees me type: "What's up honey?"
jette: "I'm just making a post about not posting anymore."
swaz: ignores me and continues to watch football.


*Yeah, I know, not actually a word. I'd probably spend less time online if I didn't go back and edit and spell check.
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