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Food log meme.

May or may not do it.

1) Way too easy to subconsciously tailor what you eat when you're paying attention, so what's the point.
2) I'm doing a cut-back for the holiday months on certain types of food that aren't particularly healthy, so as to minimize post-holiday bloating and sluggishness. I'm only eating white flour, white rice and sugary food in very limited quantities unless I'm actually at a holiday celebration. I haven't had candy or a dessert since Halloween, this has been harder than the no-booze month. I generally eat candy or ice cream EVERY day. (It's totally working, my stomach is not as bloated anymore. Sugar bad.) Anyway, my candy reporting would be artificially low.
3) I am currently on Neurontin for my hand, it makes you HONGRY. So my results may vary.
4) Unlike most American woman, I am actually at peace with food, and it feels too time consuming to do this for what it's worth to me. Not feeling altruistic enough to do it for the community at large.
5) I don't mind telling you all, I eat a LOT. Usually 4 meals a day plus snacks on weekdays, less on weekends. This, and no other reason, is why I am over the "healthy" BMI and can no longer wear the boutique label clothes. However, my metabolism likes a lot of food. I'd be fatter in the long run if I dieted. Every time I diet, I yo-yo up to a bigger size than when I began - not good. Like most people, if I diet, or even do too much cardio in relationship to weight training, my body starts storing more fat, because dieting makes it think it may need it.
6) Today I ate Trader Joe's cat cookies (only cookies I have been eating, low fat and not too sweet) and some Annie's Mac and Soy Cheeze. (Because real cheese gives me migraines.)
7) It's funny this happened right now, I was thinking on Thursday how I might make a post bragging about all the food I ate that day - I ate lunch like 3 times! (Brown rice sushi, tofu scramble, yogurt, salad, mac and soy cheeze, plus a big dinner involving lots of meat.)
8) But yeah, yay to the Health At Every Size/NoLose/Fatshionista folks getting a wider audience. I think it's good to put it out there.
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