Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

I found a photo of buz with hair.

swaz is hell-bent on sorting through the 17 years of accumulated crap in the flat. He just presented me with one of my many boxes of things too sentimental to throw away and too painful to look at. He's mad at me because I keep trying to avoid sorting them, denying him his quest for a purified home.

A boxful of letters from people who used to love me, and now they don't. People who used to be alive, but now they aren't. People who used to be close to me, but who are now "lost to follow-up."

I just shoved them into another box. I've spent enough sunny afternoons angry and in tears for one lifetime.


In other news, it's the most wonderful time of the year - Santa hat icon time!


Edited to add: also a box of my mother's effects from when she died. Her life was small enough in the end to be shoved into a box. I purged some things, like 25 year old bank statements, and ran across many others, such as a scrapbook of when she took herself to Europe by herself at age 22, complete with checks she wrote for her British Railways pass and the like. I never realized she had once lived in Minneapolis. There are lots of photographs for scanning one day.
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