Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

How impossibly cute are the people in my life?

We went to a party and it was lots of fun. A nice young lady I met guessed my age at 25(?!) Bless her heart.

It's a good life.

(Totally biting off of karnythia)

Today I'm going to gather up my FSA receipts so I can get them in before the March 31 deadline (procrastinate much?), one of the kids school applications, and then some general housekeeping and perhaps a yoga class if I feel up to it. If the skies clear we'll try to do a hike or stroll or rollerskating in GG park but I'm not counting on it. Later if I'm inspired, I'm going to make a yummy Sunday dinner and watch Legend of the Drunken Master if there's time before bed.

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