Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Why I Work with Dentists, Not Doctors

The research center I work for (we look at oral health disparities in very young children) just put out an RFA (request for applications) for small pilot projects. (Not very much money, a pilot project is one that either adds to an existing research project, such as adding another question to the research, or does a preliminary investigation in areas that maybe should be studied deeper.)

I got a couple of calls from a doctor (pediatrician) who wants to do a training program for physicians to screen for oral health. He was all over the map in terms of how he thought he should do this, and wanted to know if he should apply. I told him I would ask my boss to give him a call. I wanted to say it sounded more like a demonstration project to me, and therefore not really applicable, but since I can't really speak to the science of his project, as I am not a researcher myself, I asked her to call him. She's too busy to call right away though.

Today he called all bent out of shape because my boss hadn't called him back.

He acted like I was an idiot, wasting his precious time.


I AM GIVING OUT THE MONEY. NOT YOU. You should be nice to me!

Grrrr. Physicians are the only researchers who act like this, dental public health people never do. Perhaps it's because they didn't have that asshole-making initiation of sleep deprived residencies?
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