Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Every day I reluntantly look at the paper.

Right On Right On

"Everyday I reluctantly read the paper
you know, I have to read it to read it to keep abreast
of what's happening, you know
but other than that, I'd rather not read it
because I'm always hit in the face
with some

this man getting mugged
somebody getting robbed
somebody getting killed
this place is bombed,
one thousand people get -
always something...

and if we're, we're always talking about tomorrow and the future
then it's fantasy
sure there's education and all that,
but what about handling... things, brotherhood?

And if we are to leave a world tomorrow for our descendants,
then we should be about the business of doing something about it now"

Some days I don't think I can read the SFGate anymore. The sensationalized mayhem. I always come away feeling like I really didn't need to know that.
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