Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

And I chose... none of the above.

Thank you jimbojones for helping me sort out what I want from what I need. I took your advice. My pocketbook thanks you as well. ;-)


Some of you may be amused to know that swaz seriously suggested I get the macbook just to do something I was prejudiced against. As a moral and intellectual exercise of sorts. But, and I'll say it for the upteenth time, I need drop coverage which applecare doesn't have. Yes, such a thing exists! (And I'm a little confused because you all talk about your macs like the only thing that could possibly go wrong with them would involve getting dropped or spilled on.)

My new computer doesn't come with drop coverage either, but it was so inexpensive that the drop coverage would be buying an other one.


I got Baby going for about an hour last night but now she's deader than ever. I miss my baby. buz, I may be asking you for another favor again. ;-)


Now, I will take any and all advice about wirelessly networkable external hardrives. Thank you. :-P
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