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On Vox: Green Eyed Monster

I just stumbled into a conversation in the office breakroom.  One co-worker, who is remodeling her kitchen was complaining that her family is giving her crap about getting "just the" Bosch refrigerator when she could have had a Viking.  She likes the Bosch better because the stainless steel is covered with titanium, so it won't show as many fingerprints, but it was still going to be "a lot of work."  I told them she could trade with me and have my 20 year old, rust pitted rental model.

I have to admit just sometimes the afluenza gets me down. I mean, this woman is an accountant. I miss the days when pink/white collar workers were happy with some avocado green Kenmore.  It used to be that everybody was middle class, even when they weren't, but nowadays everybody is upper class, or at least pretends to be, unless they're in the gutter.  Of course, I don't know what her husband does for a living.  She was, however, commiserating with the payroll manager, who acted like he'd been through the same thing.  I'm sure he makes a bit more than me but he can't be making that much. These people are a few years younger than me - did they get into the housing market super early in life? Are they refinancing like mad? Are they getting in on some underground refrigerator deal? (Edit - or what Scott said - buying into the marketing of low end luxury items to feel more fabulous.)   What the hell.

She is also buying a wine chiller to match.

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Edited to add: I know a Bosch isn't necessarily fancy, it's having a name brand refrigerator at all that seems so silly.  I wouldn't mind a nice designery kitchen and I am as materialistic as the next person, but status  issues around  appliances seems like a neurosis that is out of my reach, anyway.


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