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nostalgia, also a poll follow up

I was making myself a cup of Constant Comment, having had a fit of nostalgia at the market recently, and it occurred to me that when I was little girl and making myself a cup of CC, it was common to save the tea bag for reuse. People were a lot more frugal back in the seventies, you still had people around who remembered growing up during the Great Depression, and there was a recession on. I had a vague memory of the box saying you could make up to three cups per bag, since they were of high strength and quality. That memory can't be right, can it? Wouldn't they say to never do this, so they could sell more tea?

Poll #1087758 Do people still do this?

Do you ever save the tea bag to use it again?

Uhm, no? People do that?
Yes, it is wasteful otherwise.
My grandmother/mother/old people I know do this, but I don't.
Ew, I only use loose tea because I am fancy.
Chai lattes are what the barista makes me
Ew, tea?

Edited to add:

At some point I'd like to follow up on the "fancy kitchen syndrome" post and talk about how the US was different back when you could be or aspire to being middle class or even upper middle class and yet be very cost conscious, and whether or not that meant there was less of a stigma to being low income, and also if that meant there was more movement among classes. Or rather, have other people talk about it, because I'm curious. Of course, the rule about people who are secure in their money/old money being more frugal in certain ways than middle class people still applies, but that is something else all together.
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