Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

I hate shopping.

I went to the mall today. Didn't buy a thing. Except some of those mall pretzels to bring home, because one of the kids once told me they'd never had a soft pretzel. Edited to add: they were really excited about them too and said, "you know, we've never had these!"

I really needed some new slacks and boots, and it's time to start Christmas shopping, but as usual, I ran out of tolerance for being at the mall before finding things that I would actually buy.

Not me.

Poll #1094819 Do you understand those people who shop for fun? Because I don't.

Do you like to shop?

I don't care for material possessions.
I like having new things, but I don't like shopping for them.
I have a good eye for quality /value and a sense of style, of course I'm going to want to put those to use.
As far as chores go, it's pretty fun.
I only like it if you're buying.
A woman's place is in the mall/when the going gets tough the tough go shopping!
Tags: polls
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