Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Raising them wrong.

Tonight around the dinner table, Izaac (no. 1 son) asked me to rate former child stars on a scale of not-messed-up-ness from 1 to 10. So I did.

1 = Donna Dana Plato

2=Danny Bonaduce*

3= Edward Furlong*

4= Macaulay Culkin

5= Frankie Muniz

6=Natalie Wood

7= Darla Jean Hood

8= Brooke Shields

9= Elizabeth Taylor

9.5 = Shirley Temple

10= Jodie Foster

Thoughts? Any suggestions for examples of 2 or 3s?

* Thanks Les and Steph - I think I was blocking them out.
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