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There is still a week left to vote but..

If you haven't voted yet, it's not too late. At 1.5% of the popular vote so far I'm feeling rather statistically improbable. It is as I expected since I haven't run a very vigorous campaign. Only a small percentage of users are going to vote at all, perhaps I should have been identifying those people more clearly. Oh well.

I am grateful that people took the time to support me with endorsements and sorry that I haven't been able to do a lot of campaigning. I also have been unsure as to how to go about this as I really don't want to spam the communities I am in.

I did go back to my nomination post and take a minute to talk about something overlooked, which is that the advisory committee will be making suggestions as to livejournal's corporate giving. This is probably the only area in which the advisory board will be making a real impact. It is also probably what I bring to the table most since I've been both a non profit and research administrator and I think about funding and accountability all the time. I made a mention Riverkids of in that post to maybe a wider audience than I could otherwise, and that makes me happy. Which reminds me that I didn't do my annual suggestions of charities post the past couple of Christmases, I should think about doing that again.
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