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I enjoyed the recital.


Saw Cluster at Great American Music Hall. It's more of a Symphony Hall kind of sound to me, it's interesting how music that's not much different is in a different venue niche.

I really liked it, though as Swaz said, "would it kill them to mix in a drum machine?" hehehe because I'm usually the one saying that.


Hipster girl: I thought it would be more like Kraftwerk
Dude: Kraftwerk's tight.
Hipster girl (whiny voice): Kraftwerk's tight but this show is boring!

Side note: are we bringing back "tight" now? I had to force myself to stop saying it in 2000 or so when I realized it was pretty out of date then and I sounded like some high school principal trying to relate to the kids. Which is too bad because I always liked "tight."
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