Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Welcome to my earworms.

These are the three songs in heavy rotation in my head right now:

I think as far as Mariah Carrey songs go, this one is underrated. It's very sexy and her voice sounds as good as ever on it. The video is awful, though.

Enough has been written about the low-rent-ness of this video elsewhere, but as far as combing the feminine nurturing impulse with a whole lot of *rawr* this song is practically post-gender. She looks like a drag queen too! Not sure if I got the safe for work version here or not, by the way. Also, I have been pondering this since I first heard the song - how, exactly, are you supposed to cook breakfast while being eaten out? Like, do you stand on a stool or something?

Most critiques of this song are snarky about the Bowie influence, but I think they owe just as much to the Clueless soundtrack. It's cute but overly catchy. Click and you will know my pain.

All right, the running theme through these, besides my unabashed love of pop tunes, is that I think I need my huzzband to come home. He's been at a very crunchy energy conference all week down in Monterrey. He just called to check in. After 21 years he can still make me smile with just the sound of his voice.
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