Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Well, she certainly doesn't look pregnant in this picture.

Sarah Palin,

Yes, sir, that's your baby!
You are NOT the mother!


Made a great choice. Look at how everyone is talking about her already!
Is kicking himself right about now.

I'm inclined to believe that it's her baby since there are, oh, a million easier and more believable ways to have handled it instead of pretending to be pregnant at 44. Like pretending to adopt the child from an orphanage, perhaps. I can't see where her pro-life fans would think worse of her in the long run, either if it's true so this isn't going to really hurt her, I guess. I feel sorry for her daughter with the gut though. She'll probably never wear clingy knits again.

All I can really say is A) I don't like her for reasons having to do with her political positions, not her family life or the way she did or did not get on a plane with leaky water and B) this has certainly been the most entertaining political campaign in many years. One for the history books, future generations will be shaking their heads and speculating.


Bristol is pregnant! Does the fun never end?
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