Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
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I am watching "Jezebel." That girl really likes wearing the wrong color dress.

Last time I saw this I was sober and couldn't follow the storyline at all, now I am kinda tipsy and the plot makes complete sense. In other words, this movie is a big pile of......

You all know how much I love to wear my fuzzy* sweaters. Number one son just brushed by me and said, "ooh, fuzzy sweater. For some reason that reminds me - it's time to get my second Hep-B booster shot.*

*Fuzziness is kind of a theme for the evening.

*The SFUSD requires all its students to have Hep B shots as early as kindergarten and no later than 8th grade. We opted for the 8th grade option since no kindergartner in our house has ever been that intersted in sharing body fluids.
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