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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
October 28th, 2002 
09:58 am - Horoscope
Wandering in a bureaucratic maze seems futile, but you'll find your way.

As a bureaucrat, this gives me some hope for the future.
12:21 pm - watch out
Personal Daily Horoscope of Monday, 28 October 2002
for Jette, born 8 September 1964

Touchy and irritable
This influence can be quite difficult. You are inclined to feel touchy and irritable and to regard almost any communication from another person as a challenge. And you will make this attitude so clear to people that they may even tread lightly around you for fear of setting you off. Anyone who crosses you will be told off in no uncertain terms. The worst way to handle this influence, but what you are most likely to do, is to identify your own ego with what you believe or think. This will make you act as if your very life were threatened, which of course it is not. If you have to fight for your beliefs, this influence can be a help, but don't look for a battle or create an issue where none exists.

I always wonder if the reason that particular horoscope service (astro.com) always seems so spot on for me is that it is rarely, if ever, flattering.
My friend velluxuous is finally here.
11:22 pm - Mommy Wants

Hoover Floor Mate
Perk up pouting household surfaces with new miracle Ubik, the easy-to-apply, extra-shiny, non-stick plastic coating. Entirely harmless if used as directed. Saves endless scrubbing, glides you right out of the kitchen.
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