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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
August 20th, 2003 
10:54 am - Re-Run
Because everyone is still doing it, and this one is much funnier than the other one I posted:

laughtrackCollapse )

In other news, I had a VERY long LJ dream last night. I could tell it was a dream because our kids were five years older than they are now, but Swaz and I were ten years younger. And my hair looked really good.

You were in it, and you, and you. No really. There was swaz, keith418, nshgrl was on the phone, commonreader was there, and moonchyld1 was there with tecknomania even though she's not even on my friendslist, and a whole bunch of other people.

There was a new catchphrase/insult coined in my dream, that I think I am going to take to the streets. Whenever anyone (not any of you, but people we didn't like) would do something really ass-hole-ish we would say "I bet you're going to go write about this in your LJ aren't you!" Like altercations with gun-wielding strangers who you shout at till they go away. Fights over dryers at the laundromat (which both happened in my dream).

"You're going to write about this in your LJ aren't you?!" Heh. It has a ring.
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