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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
August 30th, 2003 
09:27 am - But WHERE to Go!
The C.R. and I both live in San Francisco. Last night we were talking about where-to-go, after my regular I-have-no-friends-my-own-age-because-they-all-moved-away rant. I get really lonely here sometimes. I love my neighborhood, I love it a lot, but you have to literally be a millionaire to buy here because the houses all literally cost a million dollars. I'm not talking about the chichi parts of my district like North of Lake or Seacliff or Presidio Heights. I mean the houses that are right next to the rental flats that people like me can afford cost a million dollars.

So where to go? I obviously can continue raise a family of five in a two bedroom rental flat, but for how long? The C.R. says when it is time for her to buy she'll try to move to another part of the country, where for less than you can get a one bedroom condo here, you can get a REAL house on a nice chunk of land. She's never really lived in another part of the country. I have. None of it sounds appealing to me. (Sorry, it just doesn't.) The only place that sounds all right is Australia or New Zealand, but it's way too hard to emigrate if you are out of your twenties. Canada maybe? I don't know.

I did that "top spots find your spot" quiz:

where should Jette live?Collapse )

The C.R. brought Vietnamese food and I rented a video for the kids to watch. We hadn't all gotten together for supper in a little while. It was nice, it was just like I wanted things to be when I was younger and thinking about what having kids would be like. I guess one friend in the neighborhood is plenty. *smooches*

edit: I changed my answers slightly, I said I didn't care how cold it got and whether or not there was a queer community.

revised listCollapse )

I still don't know where to go. I think I'll stay put for a while.
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