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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
January 2nd, 2004 
12:06 am - Poll Results
  • Halliburton won the creepiest in 2003 prize.

  • People still don't know what to call this decade. Which is cool...at least we don't have to hear the equivalent of phrases like "ladies of the eighties" for nearly twenty years, because I don't know what to call the next one either.
08:44 pm - Awwww
I saw this when walking home with my laundry, I am walking towards them from about a half block away.

Boy, in hoodie, standing on sidewalk, hands in pockets, voice raised: NO! REALLY I AM SORRY!

Girl, back to me, arms akimbo: (shrugs)

Boy, dejected: (kicks ground, starts walking away)

At this point I am passing the girl, she's started walking back up her stairs.

Girl, turns around, calls out: No! Wait! Come back! I don't want to be without you!

Boy: (hesitates for a moment, runs to her)

Me (to myself): Awwwwwwwwwww!
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