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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
February 25th, 2004 
02:35 pm - After the Storm.
The sky is clear. Maybe I'll feel a bit more sussed if I go have a little walk.
05:54 pm - Fucking Luddites
I really get seriously cranky at people who aren't "on the computer."

I'm the parent liason for my son's program at the School of the Arts.

I just spent a half hour calling parents to read them the email the program head sent out to the Yahoo Group I set up. Because you know, I couldn't be sure they would have read it, because so many of them are "not on the computer."

It's 2004. Get on the computer damnit. And then, come paint the drafting room.


It's even worse when this happens at work!

And yes, it surely does.

Voice mail after voice mail, because the people I need things from ARE on the computer but never reply to their email.

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