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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
July 18th, 2004 
I sprained my ankle doing yoga Friday. So of course I go out like planned on Friday night, then ran around doing errands yesterday, thinking that not working out was kind of like resting.

jette icing ankle: Okay, so I went and did three rounds of the cybex circuit and maybe I can go to restorative yoga later today and then tomorrow I guess I'll go to the pool and Tuesday I'll....

swaz interupting: You're injured. You're supposed to be resting and eating green leafy vegetables and drinking lots of water and taking ibuprofen and not going anywhere!

jette: *glares*

swaz correcting himself: Or you could take Aleve.
02:25 pm - Calexico
I went and saw Calexico Friday night and they really good. As Swaz put it, genius transcends genre. Because neither of us would probably ever go to anything alt-countryish or tex-mex-y like that normally. But everyone in that band was amazingly talented - and I had to dig the trumpets for bringing that whole Herb Alpert vibe to it.

The crowd was very strange, a lot more square than we are used to - 70% people who always like that kind of thing, 30% people who just like things that are good. The 70% broke down like this:

25% women with dates who looked like they were worried that their men would drink too much that night.

20% women without dates who looked like they were worried they'd never get a man - and they blamed society for that.

25% men with dates who looked like they were worried that their women would get mad at them that night.

20% men without dates who looked like they were worried that they'd die alone.

10% lesbians

Of the other 30% it seemed like half of them knew M, one of my Best Friends Forever who I had lost contact with for a while and was happy to run into. In fact, I was so excited to see her, that I wrestled her to the ground and yelled out: *rapes you on the spot*

Which isn't supposed to be said aloud of course. I am such a hopeless dork. We had a good time and food afterwards, so it was "all good."
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