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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
January 31st, 2005 
I was accepted as a volunteer coordinator for my first choice week at Camp Mather. In return, I get a guaranteed reservation!*

*There are always more people who want to go than available slots, and it's all done by lottery. Some years we don't get in and we have to fight for a cancellation spot, and were lucky to get that. Every summer there are people who have gone regularly for years but didn't get in at all that season.
12:10 pm - I'm confused.
I have never fainted... I have never even met anyone who has randomly fainted. Is there something about public life that causes politicians to go around fainting all the time? Or is "faint" a code word for puke, a la President Bush Sr.?

Poll #428450 Illin'


Passed Out
Up Chucked

Update I am being told it's not that unusual for people to faint? And here I was thinking public figures had weak constitutions.
12:42 pm - Just Curious
Poll #428473 Swoon

Have you ever fainted?

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