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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
June 26th, 2005 
LSD: Love power. I'm talking about love power.Collapse )
03:27 pm - :-)
I noticed that one of my favorite Camp Mather staff kids, Jen, looked a little older this year, even though she never quite had that unformed/naive college co-ed look the others had. (Being seasonal employees, most of them are 18-22 and in college, except for the senior staff.) We started talking about the resort-season employee culture, lots of partying and musical beds and all that, what with young pretty people all stuck far away from civilization together. She said this was probably her last year and she wouldn't be "doing that" any more, since she had to "set a good example for her daughter" who would be visiting in the middle of the summer. I told her I didn't realize she had a family of her own and she said "well, she's only six months old."

Turns out a nineteen year old "friend of a friend" dropped off a three day old little girl at her house, quickly saying "my friend said you were a good babysitter I'm going to a party bye" before running off - never to return. Three months later she completed adoption proceedings - her live-in boyfriend also adopted the baby so that there would be two parents (and daddy has baby for the summer by himself - he wanted spend time with the baby, and for Jen to not have to miss out on her summer tradition for one last season). They had to go to county lockdown to get the birth dad to sign off, but it's a done deal - complete with a new first and last name for the baby.

Jen is only 21 but unlike a lot of people would have, she didn't say "oh no, this baby needs to be handed over to the authorities!" She hired a lawyer and dealt with it. She told me that being adopted herself, it never occured to her to do any different.
So I just saw a UCSF job posting that would be working with gay/bi/queer men doing AIDS prevention work. Of course, being a State employer they can't just come out and say "men only need apply" so they wrote, "must be able to entry male only social settings."
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