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My Life in the Sunshine
An Autohagiography
June 21st, 2008 
I had a migraine last night (earlier tonight) and we have so much to do today (tomorrow) that I decided maybe we should skip littleetoile's birthday rave, despite MAJOR FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out.). (*pout* *pout* *pout*)

swaz gave me a massage and we went to sleep with the window open. I was dreaming happily but I woke up because something smells smoky, everything seems okay so perhaps it is a neighbor's bonfire for the solstice or even someone smoking on their deck. I don't see any firelight but there is a giant just-full moon, and little fluffy clouds and a rare-for-the-Richmond-District warm breeze. I wonder who is falling in love after a night of dancing right now. Someone has to be, or otherwise the universe is broken. And despite missing out, I have to admit my head doesn't hurt anymore and everyone I love best is sleeping peacefully in our cozy home. So the universe can't be broken.

Happy Midsummer everyone.
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