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I just never go to the movies, I always feel like I would be disappointed.

I cringed at the trailers to Bringing Down the House, but I was hoping that Steve Martin and Latifah were both smarter than that movie looked.

According to this review I read, apparently not. "Bad enough that "Bringing Down the House" is condescending. It's directed at an audience that is already way past it."

This is just another example of the whole "cardboard enemy" problem. The constant set up of false dichotomies in popular culture: young hipster vs. old square, modern womyn vs. Donna Reed, casual down-home folks vs. snooty old money, cool "urban" person against uptight whitey. Not a single one of these clashes truly exist as commonly/cartoonishly presented in the contemporary world, at least not on a wide scale. Yet somehow we are continually encouraged to rebel against phantoms, lest we rebel against those things that truly hold us back: complacency, blind conformity, fear-mongering, excessive dependence on conveniences.
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