Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

About 15 years ago... I found true love

I met Swaz in the basement of the Broadlyn Hotel in Long Beach. I love to tell the story of how we met. You can skip it because it's long and boring. The Band of Flesh that Separates the Two Cerebral Hemispheres* was playing in the background. It was a Friday night. I believe it was May Day. I had no plans, so I put on some sweats and decided to get some work done. Therefore, one by one, all my roomates lured me out of the house than dropped me back home. My lesbian roommate made me go have drinks with her because she was mad at her junkie girlfriend. When I was through with that ordeal, I had to go to a really cheesy piano bar and sing songs from Fiddler on the Roof and finally I was at some lame hipster party. I saw this guy who from the back, looked exactly like this gay friend of mine, so I immediately felt comfortable talking to him. He was with this other guy who I had been wanting to scam on, so I asked him for a cigarette so I could casually talk to his friend. For some reason, we immediately fell into a deep and long conversation, but I felt so comfortable all curled up in my sweats and no make-up, and so sure he was gay (since he looked gay from the back!) I didn't think anything of it.

After a while, my friend that brought me dragged me aside and said "remember how I told you the cutest guy I'd ever seen in my life helped Penne (our lesbian roomate) move in? That's him." So I took another look. (wow) Okay, he'll do. At the end of the night, he had my number, but only kissed me on the cheek.

For the next three weeks, I didn't hear from him, but almost everyone I knew in LA called me - "you finally met Swaz!" It turned out he was at the opposite end of my circle of friends. We'd been going to all the same parties and clubs for years. Before the lad had a chance to call, I knew everything about him, who his last three girlfriends were, how long he'd been with them, why they broke up, that his best friend had died in a surfing accident, so he went to New York, he just got back, he's not calling you because he's not sure he's ready for a long term relationship, on and on. By the time he did call, our friends had us already married and divorced. As it turned out, it was of those no courtship period required love affairs from the start. I will spare you the details of our first date which involved going swimming on an empty beach and re-enacting that scene in From Here to Eternity. It was very romantic. aaaw.

*He corrected me later, it's the Band of Flesh that UNITES the two cerebral hemispheres. Which maybe says something about our personalities, I don't know.
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