Things Gone and Things Still Here (jette) wrote,
Things Gone and Things Still Here

Friendster is LJ on a futuristic anhedonic yet addictive substance from a Philip K. Dick novel.

Swaz: You're friendstering again, aren't you?

Jette: (....)

Swaz: You've really got a problem don't you?

Jette: (....)

Swaz: You make fun of it, but -

Jette: (....)

Swaz: You can't stop doing it.

Jette: (....)

Swaz: Knock Knock

Jette (....)

Swaz: "Who's there?"

Jette: (....)

Swaz: Friendster

Jette: (....)

Swaz: "Friendster who?"

Jette: (....)

Swaz: Friendster who didn't really have to say 'knock knock' because he was already in.

Jette: I don't get it.

Swaz: (....)
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